Bizzey is born and raised in Amersfoort. At the age of 13, Bizzey was convinced that he belonged on stage. He started as a breakdancer. But soon he became an all round entertainer not only strong as an MC, but also successful as a solo musician and songwriter! Bizzey is unbelievably uplifting.
The collaboration of Bizzey with Don Diablo (that started in the year 2006) took Bizzey’s career into the next level! The chemical reaction with Don Diablo was such a success that they decided to team up in the studio which resulted in the single ‘This way’ (Too Many Times). The video became a huge success both online and on television. Even before the release, the video was seen 400.000 times already on YouTube. The succes he reached with Don Diablo expanded to not only creating new tracks as ‘Music is my life’ but also resulted in an everlasting tour alongside Don Diablo.
More than just a MC.

Besides hosting as a MC on parties as Latin Village, Extrema Outdoor, Solar, Sneakerz and his own party together with Nizzle and Jim Aasgier called Yellow Claw at the Jimmy Woo. Bizzey looses his energy in his studio. Where he already made successful collabs with Don Diablo, Sidney Samson,Lady Bee and Bassjackers. The many ideas that Bizzey gets (mostly about ladies and music) shares Bizzey to the paper and uses them for his songs. The collab with Sydney Samson and Lady Bee “Let’s go’ resulted in the superstream at TMF and as Dance Smash at Radio 538. Stronger the track he made with Bassjackers became a real club hit with a number one position and dancetunes. Right now Bizzey realised his new solo track ‘down’ and he is making an ep with DJ Sandro Silva. The are working together with some very big international names.
Are you ready for Bizzey?

Bizzey is a real give and take person. Being on stage means for Bizzey having fun but he thinks that he is obligated to his crowd that he gives them even more fun than he has! … Are you ready for Bizzey?r forget him and you can be certain that he will bring every track to the next level. For a normal person Bizzey is far to hyper and can’t sit still for more than five minutes. DJ’s like to share the stage with Bizzey because his energy is contagious.

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